Fishing Glove with LED Night Light

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LIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Having light at your fingertips has never been easier with this Fishing Glove with LED light-Waterproof.

Available for both your left or right hand, these are a must-have for night fishing or when it's getting dark.

Why use Fishing Glove with LED light - Waterproof
✔ Tying hooks at night is now a breeze
✔ Taking Hooks out of Fish at night is much easier with this
✔ Glove & components are waterproof
✔ Made of longlasting flex neoprene
✔ Fits over other gloves if needed
✔ Only partially covers thumb and index finger leaving full mobility of hand & fingers
✔ Two bright LED lights provide ample light coverage
✔ Lightweight, versatile, & useful for many other nighttime applications

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